Indeed, shopping for clothes and accessories online is easy, happens in the comfort of your own home, it is time-saving, saves us all the nerves and discomfort of waiting in lines, and overall comes with a bunch of benefits. However, the old-fashioned, classic way of shopping in stores is still highly preferred by many over online shopping and also has its advantages. It’s the never-ending dilemma of whether you should go to the physical clothes store to shop or you better sit on your sofa, covered with your favourite comfy blanket and online shop your way to emptying out your debit card.

Shopping for clothes in-store is an amazing experience for many. Shopping in person means you can feel the clothes and materials, see how you like them, check how they fit and do they complement your look, fit into your personal style, create a deeper and more special connection with the items you are going to buy. When shopping in person, you also have the great opportunity to ask additional questions you may have and get assistance from the people working in the clothes store. Sales associates usually can provide you with a lot of interesting and important information about the pieces you are considering buying, current trends, different clothing styles, and more. When shopping in person, you can enjoy the variety of different styles and types of clothes stores, here are the top four of our favourite.

Shop at a Boutique

Boutiques are usually smaller clothing stores with a curated selection of pieces and accessories that are usually selected to fit into a certain aesthetic or style. The smaller size of this type of store gives you the opportunity for a more intimate and personal feeling, creating a connection with the people working there. Another advantage of boutiques is that they can totally serve your style, from head to toe, because they offer pieces in a certain style that can totally match your own if you visit the right boutique for you. Boutiques usually carry several designer brands and you can find some really unique and interesting pieces in there.

Shop at a Department Store

Department stores are a great option whenever you are looking for variety. The bigger the department store is, the more choice you will have of brands, price ranges, products, styles, aesthetics. Another advantage of department stores is how convenient they are to browse and shop around with different categories of clothing and accessories organized in sections of the store by size. So whenever you have the desire to totally revamp your entire wardrobe, visit a department store as a great opportunity to do so and find different pieces you can experiment with.

Shop at Fast-fashion Chain

Most certainly among the most popular types of clothing stores in recent years, fast-fashion clothing stores can be found anywhere and everywhere. With simply an impressive variety and selection of clothes in different styles, super trendy pieces, often inspired by high-end, designer items, and reasonable price tags, fast-fashion stores are the favourite spots of fashionistas. Just like department stores, fast-fashion stores offer a wide range of products in different categories and sections around the store under the main brand, which makes shopping an easier experience and navigating the store faster.

Shop at Thrift Store/Charity Shop

Now, charity shops and thrift stores may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the people who like these types of stores are usually very passionate about them. In fact, shopping at a thrift store is quite an experience by itself, just imagine the quest and hunt for unique pieces. There is no doubt that only in thrift stores you are able to find really unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else and also items from different eras and time periods, which can really add some statement pieces to your wardrobe and make your style unique. Unfortunately, the only inconvenience with thrift stores is that your size won’t be necessarily available. Also, some people don’t like the idea of wearing preloved and preowned clothes.

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